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What will you get?
You will get a highly professional logo design for your company, brand, product or service. You will get a package which enables use in all channels and all sizes, be it mobile app or website, stamp or building.

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What is the process?
1. Hire me and fill the briefing form with thought.
2. I’ll provide you 1 to 3 initial sketches. (Depends on your case)
3. We refine the design.
4. Approval of the final design.
5. You’ll get the logo package.

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Why hire me?

I have the ability to think the big picture: your customers, your market, your business and bring the insights into your brand image.

I’ll create prime design with timeless ethos and your brands genuine feeling. Always connected to your brand and your audience.

I use this quote often: ”Branding is too important to be left to the graphic designers.” I will ensure your logo will be a part of something bigger, not just a piece of design.

I cannot stress this enough. Quality is what you are seeking, quality is what you pay for. Quality brings credibility and scalability.

I am a branding expert with 10 years experience in branding, marketing and advertising companies. I’ve done it all from a single logo design to leading a company rebranding, on national and international level. I’ve got an academic degree in marketing.

I guarantee you the satisfaction. It is a point of honor for me.

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What do I need from you to get started?
See the briefing guidelines.

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Brandon Bulgau
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If you are looking for amazing logo for your valuable business, we are at your service! We are professional logo service, we have served thousands of clients in local market in past few years. Our aim is to understand the customer need so well that our design fits them and sells itself.